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Background checks

We perform background checks on persons and companies to discover possible criminal or other suspicious activities and we analyze their financial situation. We scan the internet, also accessing hidden sources to find all relevant information for each case. We discover concealed and complex connections between companies, between companies and individuals, as well as between individuals.


Often clients feel confused by different types of problems within their organizations and want a quick resolution to, or analysis of, what exactly is happening. We have vast experience with investigations get around suspicions of criminal activities or other security issues. We have access to the best cyber tools, experienced analysts and investigators. We can also perform IT-forensic investigations on computers and cellphones, as well as traditional crime scene investigations.

Make sure you are aware of the requirements

The EU data protection directive takes effect in May 2018 and places new requirements on both national and local government, as well as on private companies which handle personal information about employees, citizens, clients and suppliers. The data protection directive, or General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, will place exacting demands on organizations handling personal information. Vesper can help you assure that the information is handled correctly.

Client Case Studies

An e-commerce company discovered that its latest products were being sold on popular sites such as Ebay. The company suspected internal theft, but inventory and the system for stock control could not confirm their suspicions. The company filed a police report, but no suspect could be identified, due to the lack of evidence of a break-in. The investigation was dropped a few days after the report had been filed.

The ads for the company’s products continued to appear online and the company contacted Vesper Group who conducted a discreet investigation. Vesper discovered that the company was missing products to an estimated value of 80 million SEK. Through IT-forensic analysis, securing of evidence and surveillance, Vesper identified the insider along with accomplices outside the company, who were selling the products. Vesper cooperated with the police, resulting in convictions for both the perpetrator and the accomplices.

Vesper also discovered weaknesses in the company’s security structure and after conducting a thorough security analysis, Vesper helped the company create an effective security structure which also greatly reduced the future risk of insider theft.

Through support from Vesper’s expert team you can discover and respond to suspected irregularities in your company. We enable increased confidence in your recruitment of employees and business ventures through thorough background checks.  We minimize the risks associated with your employees’ business travel.

We are Vesper.

Vesper Group was founded in 2004 and is a Swedish, intelligence-led security company. We who work here have unique experience from military special units, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), Swedish police, intelligence and the National Police Task Force. We have skilled analysts, IT-security experts and crisis- and conflict managers. Vesper Group is certified to ISO 18788, ISO 9001 and PSC-1. We were the second company globally to be certified by ICoCA – the International Code of Conduct Association.

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Why we are called Vesper

Vesper is the Latin name of the bright, evening star, Venus. It is the first star visible in the night sky and the last one to disappear at dawn. According to myth, the ancient Greeks believed for a long time that there were two different stars, and it took the Babylonian astronomers to convince them finally that it was one star. This story illustrates clearly that appearances are often deceptive. Vesper is the bright,star that can guide you to safety when darkness falls. This is also Vesper Group’s mission as an intelligence led security company.


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