March 14, 2018

Vesper Group continues its presence in Bangladesh by providing security services to one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle and mechanical engineering groups. The mission will start mid-March.

– A comprehensive security operation in a complex risk environment similar to Bangladesh takes many years to set up, says Erik Lewin, CEO at Vesper Group. Our continuous presence in the region enables us to produce a threat assessment for each regional project, journey and activity in the shortest possible time. Before start of the mission we have analyzed the local and regional security situation.

Recently Vesper became the second non-British security company to be approved as member in Security in Complex Environments Group, SCEG. SCEG gathers companies that are well regulated, compliant and have embraced international security standards with human rights issues at the core of their business models. Vesper was also one of the first in the world to become certified by the international monitoring organization for security companies, the International Code of Conduct Association, ICoCA, who assures that their member companies respect and protect human rights, no matter where in the world they operate.

Vesper’s continuous presence in the region enables a quick deployment of the mission, even in a complex risk environment such as Bangladesh.