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Consulting and Investigation

Vesper provides support in your daily security operations with investigations, close protection, employee screening and travel risk management. We collect information from a wide range of sources, design security policies, carry out risk assessments, conduct security evaluations and analysis, undertake Investigative Due Diligence, offer security training courses, as well as provide event security.

Close Protection

Vesper offers protection for people travelling to, or residing in, some of the world’s most dangerous countries. Since 2004, we have been a widely respected provider of close protection services for companies and government agencies, as well as for humanitarian organizations worldwide.

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Close Protection and Travel Risk Management Abroad

We are onsite well in advance of the client’s arrival. We carry out reconnaissance, make all necessary preparations and stay with the client throughout their stay, up until the client’s flight home.

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Close Protection in Sweden

Our close protection security programs in Sweden create a secure framework for people in key business-critical functions.

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Consulting and Analysis

We carry out an analysis of the local and regional threat landscape to include past, current and potential hostile activity. We identify and assess both actual and potential direct as well as indirect threats, hostile TTP's (techniques, tactics and procedures) and possible attack vectors.

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Enhanced Due Diligence and Employee Screening

Avoid costly surprises and security problems. We perform employee screening and enhanced due diligence for companies to discover possible criminal or other suspicious activities and we analyse their financial situation ahead of hiring or entering new partnerships.

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Crisis Management and Investigation

Avoid any financial loss, harm to your employees or damage to your brand by allowing us to investigate and analyse any threat situations.

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We provide comprehensive training courses with experienced instructors, sharing our 20 years of collective knowledge of close protection, travel risk management, protective security, corporate espionage and HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training).

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Compliance and Governance

We set high standards in order to be viewed as a valued supplier

We place very high demands on ourselves and our contractors in matters of compliance, ethical standards and personal behaviour. This applies globally for us: Vesper employees act in
accordance with our Code of Conduct and applicable national and international laws, regardless of where in the world they are located. We are active members of the UN voluntary initiative to implement universal sustainability principles (the UN Global Compact,) and we structure our strategies and operations in accordance with the UN universal principles on Human Rights, Labour Law, environmental protection and anti corruption.

Vespers Code of Conduct

First in Scandinavia to receive a security service provider certification

ICoCA, the International Code of Conduct Association, is a monitoring organization for security companies. They assure that the companies who are members of the Association respect and protect Human Rights, no matter where in the world they operate, and protect their clients’ interests at the same time. Vesper was one of the first member companies, and the first in Scandinavia, to become ICoCA-certified.

Vespers Statement of Conformance

Whistleblowing and Grievances

It is extremely important to us to discover and handle irregularities at an early stage. All employees, clients and third parties have the possibility anonymously to submit grievances or to report any infringements of the law. Vesper’s Whistleblowing Policy assures that employees can report without fear of reprisals. Via the email-address you can have direct communication with Vesper management and through the whistleblowing service Lantero you also have possibility to report bad behavior or neglect by Vesper employees anonymously. If you have been caused harm by Vesper’s actions or if there is suspicion of breach against the International Code of Conduct, ICoCA also provides a  platform for reporting complaints.

Vespers Whistleblowing policy

We protect

Intelligence-led security

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Vesper Group was founded in 2004 and is a Swedish, intelligence-led security company. We who work here have unique experience from military special units, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), Swedish police, Military Intelligence (MUST) and the National Police Task Force. We have skilled analysts, IT-security experts and crisis- and conflict managers.