September 3, 2020

Vesper has received renewed certification from the International Code of Conduct Association, ICoCA, and also passed a periodical audit performed by MSS Global.

Audit by MSS Global
We are proud to share some quotes from the MSS Global report which evaluates the company’s compliance with the International standards ISO 9001 for Quality Management system, PSC.1 and ISO 18 788 for Security Operations Management System:

“Vesper Management is experienced and continues to plan and deliver successful security operations in the Middle East. The Management team is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable.”
“Vesper has an extremely close working relationship with its customers and they continually achieve “top marks” for their performance as evidenced in customer interviews. Vesper’s customers truly consider the Company as partners in the protection of diplomatic personnel and assets. Vesper maintains close working relations with interested parties and such as ICOCA and SCEG as well as the regulatory ministries in the countries in which they operate. Vesper’s employees are deeply experienced and competent, and the Company has built an internal culture and external reputation as a company that takes care of its Employees.”

Read more about the International Standards ISO 9001

Renewed certification from ICoCA
The renewed certification from ICoCA, International Code of Conduct Association, shows that our systems and policies meet the principles and the standards derived from the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers. By joining the ICoCA, private security companies show their commitment to complying with the fundamental human rights and humanitarian law principles and standards articulated in the Code of Conduct. Certification by the Association is a public statement that the security company’s policies and systems have been independently reviewed and found to comply with the Code of Conduct and that member PSCs’ activities are continuously monitored.