Vesper Group was founded in 2004 and is a Swedish, intelligence-led security company. We are dedicated to helping and securing our clients’ personnel and operations, wherever they are in the world.

We began by protecting individuals and operations in some of the world’s highest risk environments, including Iraq and Afghanistan. We continue to do so with outstanding success. We – also have a sound reputation for our operations – in other hazardous and distressed regions around the world . Vesper was the second company in the world to be certified according to the very high standards of the ICoCA, International Code of Conduct Association.

Confidence in us has continued to grow. Over time we began receiving inquiries requesting help from companies and organizations in Sweden. They needed support to build systematic security structures, crisis management capability, to investigate and protect against intrusions, thefts, internal crime, threats and violence against staff. They were also seeking ways to – screen individuals in recruitment processes, a as well as carry out due diligence on companies before entering new business relationships.

Many satisfied clients then wanted to learn more about managing security problems and protecting their staff and operations through training. We met these needs by developing training courses in travel safety, HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) and crisis drills.

We are dedicated to creating a safer Sweden. In recent years – in line with increasing and emerging threats to Sweden’s security – and thus demands from new security legislation, the demand for security protection assignments has increased. Our experts educate, advise and support mainly government customers.

Vesper team members have unique experience and extensive knowledge in security operations, crisis management and security analysis. Our employees’ backgrounds range from the Armed Forces Special Unit, SAPO, MUST (Military Intelligence) and The Police. We have high-quality analysts, IT security experts and crisis and conflict managers. Vesper Group is certified according to ISO 18788, ISO 9001 and PSC-1. We are the second company in the world to be certified according to ICoCA, International Code of Conduct Association.

Management Team

Vesper Group was founded in 2004 and is a Swedish, intelligence-led security company. We have set of unique experiences from military special units, the Swedish Security Service (Säpo), Swedish police, intelligence and the National Police Task Force. We have skilled analysts, IT-security experts and crisis- and conflict managers. We are Vesper’s Management Team.

Compliance and Governance

We set high standards in order to be viewed as a valued supplier

Like our contractors we live and work by very high ethical and professional standards. This applies globally for us; Vesper employees are acting in accordance with our Code of Conduct and national and international applicable jurisdiction regardless of where in the world they are located. We are active members of the UN voluntary initiative to implement universal sustainability principles, the UN Global Compact, and we structure our strategies and operations in accordance with the UN universal principles on Human Rights, Labour Law, environment and anticorruption.

Vespers Code of Conduct

First in Scandinavia to receive a security service provider certification

ICoCA, the International Code of Conduct Association, is a monitoring organization for security companies. They assure that the companies who are members of the Association respect and protect Human Rights, no matter where in the world they operate, and protect their clients’ interests at the same time. Vesper was one of the first member companies, and the first in Scandinavia, to become ICoCA-certified.

Vespers Statement of Conformance

Whistleblowing and Grievances

It is extremely important to us to discover and handle irregularities at an early stage. All employees, clients and third parties have the possibility anonymously to submit grievances or to report any infringements of the law. Vesper’s Whistleblowing Policy assures that employees can report without fear of reprisals. Via the email-address you can have direct communication with Vesper management and through the whistleblowing service Lantero you also have possibility to report bad behavior or neglect by Vesper employees anonymously. If you have been caused harm by Vesper services or if there is suspicion of breach against the International Code of Conduct, ICoCA provides a complaints platform for reporting.

Vespers Whistleblowing policy

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