13 July, 2022

Vesper Group has received renewed certifications from MSS Global after an evaluation of our compliance with the International standards ISO 9001 for Quality Management system, PSC.1 and ISO 18 788 for Security Operations Management System.

Since the start in 2004, Vesper Group has been a company defined by high ethical and moral standards, doing the right thing. Our evolution in this regard can be described in four steps:

  1. The handshake and promise – always delivering as promised has led to returning customers.
  2. Becoming documented – early on Vesper created a conceptual framework.
  3. Becoming documented and standardized – we work according to certain standards (International Code of Conduct Association, ICoCA’s) in all our processes.
  4. Certification – regular audits by a third party such as MSS Global.

We encourage customers to be demanding when procuring services from private security companies. History and recent events in the world has proven that high ethical and moral standards, acting in accordance with certifications should be a mandatory requirement.

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Vesper Group is proud to be a compliant private security company with high standards.