Close Protection

Vesper offers protection for people travelling to or residing in some of the world’s most dangerous countries. Since 2004, we are a widely respected provider of close protection services for government agencies and companies, as well as for humanitarian organisations worldwide.

Our way of working

Planning for the unknown

Vesper staff will be on site well in advance of the client’s arrival. We carry out reconnaissance, make all necessary preparations and stay with the client throughout their stay, up until the client’s flight home is in the air. Our ambition is to allow the client to go on with their business in a safe, calm and efficient manner, without being distracted by thoughts about their security arrangements. We also have the capacity to handle unexpected incidents of illness and accidents. We possess the local knowledge and experience of earthquakes and flooding, for example. All our staff are trained in first aid, several to an advanced level. Vesper also has the possibility to deliver customised briefing and training to a client before a journey.

Continued presence

Vesper´s continuous presence in those countries where we provide protection services allows us to access the latest information and apply a long term perspective to analysis and operations. Based on that, we are able to produce a threat assessment for each journey and activity. Our intelligence picture of the operational environment is founded on mapping of the actors in the region, their intentions, modus operandi and capabilities. Vespers’ operations are built around the frameworks and methods established during years of in-country experience and on knowledge of the local and national context. Our established local networks and real-time intelligence gathering allow our teams to carry out their tasks for our clients with a high degree of safety and security.

Shared vision

Before any journey, Vesper will analyze the local and regional security situation starting with any current hostile activity. The knowledge of how and why threats occur is important to be able to agree with the client on the operational parameters. Vesper will then brief on the operational environment, threat actors, risks, and give advice on cultural awareness issues, like gender, clothing and local customs. Prior to each journey Vesper provides checklists and clear directions.

Consulting in high-risk environments

When working in challenging contexts it becomes more vital than ever to make the right decisions. Vesper provides consultants with extensive experience, knowledge and networks to enable our clients to make the right strategic decisions, based on the correct data and analysis. Our consultants have military or police backgrounds and many years experience of managing security operations.

Learn how to manage your own security

A comprehensive security operation in a high-threat environment takes many years to set up. Vesper has more than 20 years of collective experience of close protection in complex environments. This collective knowledge allows us to enable government authorities and companies to manage their own security. You will receive training and guidance from highly qualified experts and access to Vesper´s internationally recognized concept of operations.

Travel risk management

What we do.

When employees travel, they are exposed to many risks. We help companies and government authorities to take their employer responsibility by training staff in travel safety, emergency medical care, fire safety, kidnap/ransom response and attacks including lethal violence. This knowledge can be invaluable both at home and on a mission abroad. Our training is very popular amongst employees, who complete each training feeling strengthened and safer. The trainings also provide an important foundation for all responsible employers.

Our way of working.

Our highly appreciated instructors conduct tailor-made trainings on site at our clients’ or in our own premises in Stockholm. The course is adapted to skill levels, categories of staff, experiences and destinations. We alternate lectures with interactivity and employees get an increased sense of security, increased knowledge and reduce their vulnerabilities. The length of training varies from one to five days depending on the need. We also offer full and half day outdoor trainings with hands-on exercises practicing life saving techniques that can be used when your life and health are at stake.

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