30 September, 2022

The defence attachés from Sweden and Finland, Per Appelkvist and Mika Raunu, participated at an appreciated and well-attended event at the Army and Navy Club in London on 29 September. The topic was ’Security on the Northern Flank – the view from Stockholm and Helsinki’ and provided a forum for a high-level discussion on the historical approach by both countries towards the Soviet Union and latterly Russia. It also included a view on the public debate that led to the decision to apply for NATO membership and the preparations for joining NATO. Of course, there were contemporary observations on the energy crisis and recent events of the war.

A longer account of this interesting event, hosted by SCEG and sponsored by Vesper Group, will follow.

Defence attachés of Sweden and Finland; Per Appelkvist and Mika Raunu presented their views at a high-level forum in London.