What we do.

We ensure that our clients avoid detrimental hidden surprises when recruiting or when establishing new business partnerships. We gather all the information necessary in order to verify the individual or company. We ensure that our client will have all the necessary information needed to determine whether a future employment or business relationship comes with low or high risks. Our qualified due diligence and employee screening may involve checking references, authenticity of grades and certificates, crime and criminal record data, private and corporate finances and inappropriate pages on hidden internet forums. We can also detect unsuitable circumstances and traits in and around a person through security interviews.

Our way of working.

Our analysts deliver reports of different levels, all depending on the customer's needs and wishes. We are fast on delivery, offer reports on a flexible web portal and possess a solid network around the world. Our methodology and deliverables are quality assured according to current legislation such as GDPR and other privacy requirements.

Do you have questions about our work?

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