What we do.

Any company or organisation can be affected by fraud or suspicious irregular activities, be exposed to external threats, criminal activity or attacks. In such situations it is often difficult to know which are the right measures to take. This is when Vesper can clarify and provide guidance to resolve the situation at hand. We also have the capacity to provide digital forensic investigations into computers and mobile phones, as well as making assessments and giving advice when criminal activity is suspected.

The ability to lead through a crisis does not come naturally. You need to establish and constantly practice in order to stand strong when a crisis arises. We have extensive experience and the ability to both create stable frameworks and to train crisis management teams. Vesper's incident response team is on-call 24/7.

Our way of working.

Whether it's a suspected insider, loss of assets, threats towards your staff, a looming crisis or large-scale crime, we can deploy our specialists immediately. We will investigate and make sure that the appropriate security mesaures are put in place. We can also support with crisis communication that will protect and strengthen your operations, personnel and brand in an ongoing difficult situation but also to build capacity or practice.

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