What we do.

There are times when a heightened threat to a company, to its employees, or to the interests and brand of the company arises. Vesper Group can provide security support such as obtaining intelligence, clarifying the threat, assessing risk and consequences. We then propose measures to protect and remedy the problem.

Sometimes physical and technical protection or personal protection is needed for individuals and their family when they become more vulnerable, e.g. as a result of media exposure, because of their profession or wealth. Some high-profile roles may also need to be protected because of the risk directly associated to their link to the company’s assets. These individuals can also become easy targets in the event of a disgruntled employees or someone of the general public.

Our way of working

A personal security program is always adapted to the prevailing threat. You will have a confident and experienced security advisor who assesses what measures are appropriate to take in the situation.

Risk Assessment

Reporting and Training

Personal Security Advisor

Property Inspection

Consultation and Support

24/7 Incident- and Crisis Management Service

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