March 18, 2019

Vespers’ prospering cyber threat intelligence, CTI, was born as a start-up within Vesper Group and is in a strong growth phase. CTI is in need of a new setup in an environment with the ability to invest all focus solely within this field. Therefore, Vesper Group has sold the CTI services to the European cyber security company Nixu.

– Vespers’ cyber threat intelligence services is a success story, in only four years of organic growth it has become highly valued and sought for. The owner’s group feels that the timing is right to let CTI take the next big leap, by giving them an environment focused in this field, says Erik Lewin, CEO of Vesper Group.

The CTI service will transfer to Nixu during the month of April along with staff, customers and partners. Nixu will strengthen their customer proposal with CTI and Vesper Group will still be able to offer the same services through a tight cooperation with Nixu.